Cheats for Civilization 5

The main file for fine tuning in Civilization V is  the config.ini file. This file can be found in the folder: My documents \ My Games \ Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. Otherwise, this folder contains several other interesting files for setup.

In the config.ini file is the most important settings related to the game. Good practice is to save a copy of config.ini file before any changes. Anyway, Config.ini file you can edit with notepad. In this file find the item DebugPanel = 0 and modify it to be: DebugPanel: = 1

Now you enabled the game panel for different settings. To enter the panel, start Civilization V, then press ~ and you will enter the setup mode. Now you just need to choose some of the options and set the game. One of the things that are ideal for cheating, especially at the beginning of the game is option: Reveal all, which will, as the name suggests, uncover all the hidden territory. This can be a great asset to you at the beginning …

Remove intro in Civilization V

One of the things that Civ 5 differs from all previous installments of Civilization is very long intro. This opening film could look interesting  for the first and second time, but after a while becomes boring. Fortunately, the guys from Firaxis games thought about this, so you can solve this problem relatively easily. The secret tip for Civilization 5  lies in the file: UserSettings.ini, which is also located in the folder: My Documents \ My Games \ Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. In addition to numerous other items contained in this file, we are interested in item: SkipIntroVideo. During the initial installation, this value is 0. You need to set this value to 1, and the problem is solved.

Avoid problems with “freezing” in Civ V

Another thing that can upset you is the slow pace of the game when plotting the field, and sometimes even “freeze” the game. Particular problem will have players with worse graphics and a slower CPU. The first thing you should do with these problems is to make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card. If not, download the latest driver for your card and install it. Once this is done, check the version of DirectX you have. The best solution is if you are able to install DirectX 11. Of course, if you have an older and weaker graphics card, you will have to be content with DX10 or DX9. Of course, we have a solution for the problem with freezing and graphics settings. One of tips for Civilization 5  for problems with freezing is to adjust the graphics in the game. Reduce all the options related to tessellation on small values. Doing so, your computer will run faster, and the game will behave normally.

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